Hot Tub Cost

Hot Tub Pricing – How To Calculate The Cost

Between the size, features, and special add-on equipment the cost of residential hot tubs can range anywhere from $1,500 to $17,000. Before you buy your new hot tub there are a variety of things you should consider that will help you to calculate the overall cost to get the perfect solution.

Compare Hot Tub Prices, Features, & Suppliers

Hot Make / ModelPrice RangeDescriptionCompare Cost,
& Vendors
Belize UltraRay UVC-67$4,500 - $5,009Seats 6
67 Jets
Cascading waterfall
Lifesmart 4 Person$1,800 - $2,200Seats 4
110 V Electric Outlet
32"H x 70"W x 61"D
Hudson Bay Spas 5-Person$2,600 -$3,110Seats 5
19 Jets
Digital Controls
QCA Spas Punta Cana$4,369 -$5,220Seats 6
53 Jets
4 kw heater
Home and Garden Spas$3,575 -$4,700Seats 6
81 Jets
MP3 Auxiliary Output
Starlight Hot Tubs Sirius$7,685 -$8,900Seats 7
115 Jets
Loaded with features
Big Kahuna TV Hut Tub$9,900 -$11,000Seats 8-10
42" Pop up TV
4 Surround Speakers
Laguna Swim Spa Hot Tub$13,555 -$14,100Seats 3
LIGHTED Water Column Fountains
HALO LED Perimeter Lighting
16 Foot Swim Hot Tub$22,000 - $26.399Seats 4
91" x 191" x 51"
Two Heaters

Jacuzzi FUZ7260 CCR$5,799 - $6,100Seats 2
15 Jets
LCD Contorls
American Spas AM-756BS$5,799 - $6,001Seats 6
56 Jets
Bluetooth Stereo
Canadian Spa Ottawa$6,699 - $7,000Seats 6
22 Jets
Play Spa w/Waterfall
Jacuzzi Allusion$4,299 - $ 4,67510 Jets
Wave Mode
Whirlpool Drop-In

Prices by Construction Type

The types of hot tubs according to the materials the manufacturers used to design them are acrylic hot tubs, roto-molded spas, soft tubs, and wooden hot tubs.

Acrylic Hot Tubs – $3,999.00 to $6,899.00

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These are the best selling hot tubs today. They are made of an acrylic shell that protects fiberglass/wooden framing and composite/synthetic cabinets. These tubs have built-in seating and water jets.

Specs at a Glance

$3,999.00 Acrylic Hot Tub
Seats: 2
Jets: 28
Capacity: 190 gal

$4,499.99 Acrylic Hot Tub
Seats: 6
Jets: 50
Capacity: 400 gal

$6,899.00 Acrylic Hot Tub
Seats: 6
Jets: 120
Capacity: 440 gal

Roto Molded Hot Tubs – $2,699.99 to $3,999.00

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Rotationally molded spas are created by filling in a heated hollow mold with polyethylene polymer powder and biaxially spinning the mold while exposing it to extreme external heat.

Specs at a Glance

$2,699.99 Roto Molded Hot Tub
Seats: 4
Jets: 14
Capacity: 210 gal

$2,799.99 Roto Molded Hot Tub
Seats: 5
Jets: 11
Capacity: 222 gal

$3,399.99 Roto Molded Hot Tub
Seats: 7
Jets: 40
Capacity: 400 gal

Soft Hot Tubs – $1,999.99 to $2,299.00

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Polypropylene foam is the main material in manufacturing soft hot tubs. It is very light but extremely durable. It is enclosed in a marine-grade vinyl such as LeatherTex.

Specs at a Glance

$1,999.99 Soft Hot Tub
Seats: 3
Jets: 12
Capacity: 225 gal

$2,299.00 Soft Hot Tub
Seats: 3-4
Jets: 8
Capacity: 315 gal

Wooden Hot Tubs – $2,495.00 to $5,445.00

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Ofuro tubs, or Japanese wooden hot tubs are built from solid wood. Its strong eco-friendly appeal made it a popular choice especially for people who love the outdoors.

Specs at a Glance

$2,495.00 Wooden Hot Tub
Seats: 2-3
Size: 5×3
Material: Cedar
Package: hot tub, wood stove, fence, drain kit

$5,445.00 Wooden Hot Tub
Seats: 2-3
Size: 7×3
Material: Cedar
Jets: 4
Package: stainless steel hoops, full circle benches, electronic spa control, speed pump, hose, floating thermometer, foam/vinyl cover with locking hold down tabs

Prices by Installation Type

Above ground hot tubs – $2,910.00 to $14,999.00

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Above-ground hot tubs can be installed on any level surface. Since they are temporary structures, you can move them in different places and you are assured that it won’t go against any local building codes.

$2,910.00 Above ground hot tub
Seats: 5
Jets: 20
Includes: locking spa cover

$14,999.00 Above ground hot tub
Seats: 3
Jets: 35 seats massaging jets; neck, shoulder, calf and foot jets; 3 swim lane jets

Includes: black lit waterfalls, MP3 sound system, swim package, lighting package, rowing kit with proswim anchors, headrest, swim spa grab bar, built-in speakers and synthetic cabinet

In-ground hot tubs – $5,000.00 to $20,000

This type of tub is more costly than its counterpart. It requires experts to make sure that the excavation is done properly as well as the electrical connections and other things that are best left to people with professional hot tub installation experience.

Specs at a Glance

$5,000.00 In-ground hot tub
Seat: 1
Jets: 5-15
Details: customizable, must be preheated, cover lift not available, 1 year warranty for parts and labor

Note: In-ground hot tubs are constructed based on the specifications you like. Prices get higher as you add more features.

Prices by Spa Seating Capacity

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The number of seats in your hot tub is directly correlated to its size. Consider the location and available space that you have and most importantly, your reason for buying a hot tub, so you can best decide how many people you will need to accommodate.

2-4 person hot tubs – $1,999.00 to $4,299.00
Jets: 4 to 38
Capacity: 190 gal to 315 gal

5-6 person hot tubs – $2,299.00 to $6,899.00
Jets: 8 to 120
Capacity: 222 gal to 480 gal

7-8 person hot tubs – $4,999.00 to $8,499.00
Jets: 29 to 120
Capacity: 230 gal to 800 gal


There are several factors that affect the prices of hot tubs for sale in the market. The cost varies depending on buying options such as financing, the materials used to manufacture the tubs, the spa features, and the seating capacity. You should also remember that the real cost will always be higher than the purchase price. You need to include in your budget the costs for the delivery, electricity, plumbing, sanitation, and installation, especially if you’re planning to get a permanent hot tub which normally requires an excavation fee. Once you have purchased your hot tub, you also need to consider the cost of maintaining your spa.

For your shopping convenience, conducted an in-depth research on the actual prices of new and high-quality hot tubs in today’s market. We simplified our pricing guide by categorizing the hot tubs costs by construction type, installation type, and by the number of seats that a spa can accommodate.