Healing Your Mind, Body, And Spirit: Meditating In A Hot Tub

Healing Your Mind, Body, And Spirit Meditating In A Hot TubWith the growing popularity of holistic health practices, such as yoga and organic eating, meditation has emerged as a lifestyle concept that many people have started embracing in order to beat the stress of modern life. If you have embraced the ‘yogic’ life and are looking to find ways to make the most out of your meditation sessions, nothing other than a hot-tub-meditation session can give you a rich, holistic experience. Combining the physical benefits of hydrotherapy with the spiritual healing effects of meditation, a hot-tub-meditation session can ensure greater stress relief compared to other methods.

The success of your meditation session depends on the ambience of the place where you meditate. Attach your hot tub caddy and set up aromatherapy candles. Alternatively, you can also keep aromatic herbs, such as lavender and rosemary, around your hot tub. Play soft classical or instrumental music or natural sounds that take you away to a forest or seashore. If your hot tub is located in an open-air setting, cover your tub with a sheer fabric to create a more private setup. Next, make sure that the water is warmed up to a pleasing temperature. While different people will have their own definitions of “pleasing temperature”, normally, 90 to 100 degrees is a fair range that will keep you warm without letting you feel affected by the heat.

If your hot tub features fully-adjustable jets, experiment a bit to identify the most appropriate setting. Normally, low jet power or a circulation cycle works best and gives you the healing sensation that you need to de-stress after a tough day. Choose your seat and set your pillows to the appropriate height. If possible, try sitting in cross-legged position while keeping your spine upright and your chin sloped downward.  It is the natural buoyancy that will make your hot tub meditation session much more fulfilling and comfortable. Rest your hands on your thighs, keeping your palms up or down. Keep your eyes half-open and focus on the water surface a few feet to the front.

Practise slow deep breathing and focus on becoming aware of the sensations at each part of your body. When you inhale, feel the expansion of the torso and when you exhale, focus on the feeling of relaxation. Feel the warm water enclosing you as well as the soothing music that generates a rejuvenating effect. Make sure you keep your mind in the present by focusing on continuous deep breathing. Beginners will need to practise meditation quite a few times in order to be able to experience completely distraction-free meditation sessions. Start with 5-minute sessions and then work your way up to 15 minutes depending on your daily schedule. Having a quality session is much more important than having a long session when you are more likely to feel distracted. Your commitment to engage in a hot tub meditation session on a daily basis will not only allow you to de-stress, but will also help you develop a level of mental clarity that is, nowadays, a rare attribute in individuals who are struggling to meet the manifold demands of the modern society.


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