Hot Tub Accessories That You Need For Winter

Hot Tub Accessories That You Need For WinterIt is winter now and you may be interested to know if it is really safe for you to use hot tubs in winter and whether you can really make the most out of a soothing hot tub experience. People often wonder whether they can keep the spa uncovered throughout winter and if they will be able to drain the spa safely. Hot tubs can make your winter mornings and evenings more enjoyable and there are certain accessories that will help you safeguard the life and functionality of your hot tub during winter.

  • Spa Covers: You need your hot tub to exhibit excellent insulating properties during winter. A spa cover that does not fit tightly or a spa top that gets waterlogged is most likely to demonstrate weak insulating effects and you will find it hard to keep your spa hot for a long time. Invest in a new spa cover if you think that your existing spa cover has become too old to remain functional. Get rid of broken cover clips and use high wind straps to fix the cover tightly over your hot tub.
  • Spa Enclosure: You will find spa enclosures in various forms such as retractable or inflatable domes or wooden structures consisting of openable window panels. The Japanese introduced the concept of constructing small huts around hot springs. Also known as cabanas or gazebos, hot tub enclosures can not only protect your hot tub from the elements and increase the heating efficiency, but it can also add some amount of privacy to your hot tub moments.
  • Spa Blankets: Hot tub owners residing in cold, northern regions may consider investing in spa blankets. The presence of floating spa blankets between the water surface and the spa cover can promote heat retention by 50 percent. Spa blankets come in square sizes and in three forms- durable blankets with aluminum undersides, floating blankets constructed with closed cell foam, and the relatively-cheaper bubble blankets that are made out of extruded PE.
  • Heated Floor Mats: You may have a dreadful experience when you have to travel to your hot tub beating cold and snow. You may get patio pavers heated by placing floor heat cables underneath or by placing heated floor mats on the path that leads to your hot tub. You may also consider placing heated door mats on your spa steps to facilitate safe entry and exit.
  • Spa Handrail: Safe entry and exit to your spa becomes a concern when the spa steps turn watery due to rain or snowfall. A spa handrail will help you enter your spa with ease and come out of it safely. Spa handrails may appear in diverse designs and you may choose one based on your convenience and preference. Some handrails can be attached to a spa step while some may come with a large plate that can be pushed inside the spa.

You need to make sure that you take proper precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy during the winter months. Use a hat to protect yourself from getting a cold. You should also have spa robes and slippers as your winter wardrobe staples.

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