A Quick Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

hot tub maintenanceKeep your investment in tip top shape with these hot tub maintenance basics. You’ll be rewarded with many hours of uninterrupted relaxation and leisure.

When you spring for an outdoor hot tub you’ll have a lot of fun times in your future. Enjoy it with friends, after a long day at work, or our favorite – while snow gently falls.

Unless the temperature in the tub matches the temperature outside – there’s no wrong time to use your hot tub!

To keep it useful year and week-round, you need to keep it healthy. It’s not as simple as filling the tub and keeping it on. There are chemicals to check, filters to clean, and pumps to maintain.

Want the low-down on your hot tub maintenance? Check out these quick and easy to learn tips!

Buy a Cover

The best thing to do when you get a hot tub is to buy a cover at the same time. Getting a cover from the same manufacturer is the best, as that cover is made for the exact model you bought.

Why cover the extra expense? Well, it prevents unwelcome visitors, like bugs and small animals, from taking a swim. But it also makes your job easier. Were you to leave your hot tub open, rainwater could dilute the chemicals.

It also keeps debris, like grass cuttings, leaves, and pollens, from mucking up your tub. Think your seasonal allergies are bad? Try bathing in them!

If you don’t use your hot tub once a week or more – make sure you open the cover to air it out for 10-20 minutes twice a week. A little oxygen is good.

Get a Small Pool Skimmer

If you did accidentally leave it open for longer than you meant to or maybe you used your hot tub on a windy day, be sure to get rid of the debris. All you need is a small pool skimmer that’ll scoop those leaves or bugs right on out of there.

Pro tip – always wipe your feet with a towel or have a mat near the hot tub for before you go in. It’ll keep foot dirt out of the equation.

Change Water Every Three Months

Most people can get away with changing their hot tub water every three months with regular use. If you use your hot tub all the time or have new people in it often, you may need to drain and refill the water every 60 days.

No matter how many chemicals you put in the hot tub and how well you maintain it, sweat and dead skin cells will build up.

Regular Hot Tub Maintenance

Along with the tips above, make sure you’re checking your chemicals and adding them as needed. Stock up on supplies and test strips when you buy your hot tub (and cover).

You’ll have hot tub maintenance down to a science soon – it even makes good chores for pre-teen aged kids. Just maybe keep them away from the harsher chemicals.

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