Hot Tubs: Some Fascinating Facts From The Past

Hot Tubs Some Fascinating Facts From The PastThe history of hot tubs is the history of how hot tubs were used in the ancient times. The modern-day hot tubs have very little resemblance with the hot tubs of the ancient times and more specifically, they stand as a smarter progeny of their ancient versions. The use of hot tubs was first recorded in Egypt in 2000 BC. The early hot tubs, referred to as calderas, were created by placing hot sizzling stones in a mass of water. Greece was the second country to adopt the use of hot baths in 500 BC. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and philosophers, such as Homer and Plato, mentioned about the healing effects of hot water in their works and this testifies that the Greeks understood the importance of hot water baths. The Greeks often used hot baths as social joints and even built bathing pools around natural hot springs.

The Romans are also known for their practice of using hot baths. People used to travel from far-off places to enjoy social bathing sessions and to benefit from the therapeutic impacts of hot water. Large pools and cleansing rooms were built around natural hot springs that served as natural hot water sources. The Romans, who understood the importance of cleansing way back in 25 BC, practised elaborate and luxurious bathing processes. Japan has abundant natural resources with hot springs being an integral part of Japan’s geography. A bath must contain at least 19 vital minerals and elements in order to be qualified as a hot spring, which is known as Onsen in Japan and has a profound impact on Japan’s culture.

The U.S. was the first country to introduce hot tubs in their modern forms. During the early 1900s, in California, old wine barrels were used as hot tubs. It was in 1950 that the first Jacuzzi hot tub jets were introduced in the market. This was a small jet that was used to facilitate hydrotherapy inside a body of hot water. This soon evolved into the hot tub industry of the present times when Roy Jacuzzi invented the first independent whirlpool bath. Since the 1970s, the hot tubs have undergone major evolutions as they grew bigger in size and as their jets became more sophisticated. Today, we have hot tubs featuring acrylic shells and advanced gadgets that make hot tub sessions truly fulfilling. The hot tub industry developed in the U.S. and then impacted other parts of the world, evolving from hot springs to technology-enabled baths and taking thousands of years to assume their present-day forms.


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