Cleaning Your Hot Tub: 10 Things You Need to Know

Your hot tub can be a fantastic place to relax all year long: if it’s kept clean! Otherwise, you’re wasting your investment. Want to know how to clean your hot tub? Here are 10 things you should know!

Hot Tub Cleaning ChemicalsA clean hot tub is a fun hot tub!

Most people don’t realize that hot tubs do need to be regularly cleaned, no matter what brand or size.

Public hot tubs alone can easily spread all kinds of germs and infections if not consistently purified.

Maximize your tubbing fun by keeping your tub clean, and doing so in a way that it is easy and cost-effective.

Read on to learn the top ten facts about cleaning your tub.

1. Pay Attention to the Color of Your Water

Green water in hot tubThe color of your tub water alone can tell you whether or not a cleaning session is needed.

It’s also good to know what the different colors mean so that you can specifically target issues during your cleaning regimen.

Green water, for example, is caused by algae that may be growing on the underside of your spa cover or inside your filter cartridge. White water is caused by overly high concentrations of calcium, air bubbles, or poor pumping.

Mold can also come in many different colors and types. Pink and white hot tub colors may be a result of certain kinds of mold.

2. Know Your Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals For Hot TubBelieve it or not, there are plenty of safe cleaning chemicals that you can use to clean your tub water.

Spa clarifiers like Jet Clean or Natural Clear, for example, are effective and non-toxic. It is also possible to use cleaning solutions that are non-chemically based.

Search for all-natural or organic products if you want to go the chemical-free route, or rely on basic household products like white vinegar and baking soda to clean your spa water.

3. Be Mindful

Lotions on your skin, including sunscreen and tanning lotions, can leach into your hot tub water during use and change the color of the water.

Cosmetics, hair products, and other body care ointments can contaminate the water. Be mindful of these things before using your tub.

Ideally, take a quick shower or jump in a pool before climbing into your tub to ensure that the water doesn’t contaminate quickly.

4. Establish a Cleaning Regimen

The best way to keep your hot tub clean at all times is to have a cleaning schedule.

The good news is that you can clean your tub in a maximum of one hour and only have to do so every few weeks (or even months!). So if time is your primary concern, don’t worry.

Set aside at least an hour to clean your tub. Working adults may want to set aside a weekend morning or afternoon for this.

Keep note of when your cleaning days are, and stick to them. Also write down any specific maintenance you performed, exactly as you would for a car.

5. Use a Testing Kit

Testing Kit For Hot TubIt’s important to test the pH of your spa water regularly and to do so whenever you are cleaning your tub.

You can easily get a spa home testing kit to do this. A typical kit will include pH strips and a guide to compare results.

Make note of your tub’s pH as you record it on a weekly basis. Lower or raise your tub’s pH according to your readings.

6. Keep Your Tub Covered When Not in Use

One of the biggest causes of dirty hot tubs is outside debris or detritus. A lot of people have hot tubs outside near trees or bushes, and nearly every tub is somewhat open to the elements.

The best way to prevent leaves or dirt from entering your hot tub is to keep the tub covered when it’s not in use and make sure the tub is turned off after every session to prevent algae accumulation.

7. Clean the Spa Cover and Outside Surface

Your spa cover can be a huge source of algae and mold. Its constant proximity to hot water creates an ideal environment for contaminant growth.

Every couple of weeks, clean your spa cover and its outside shell with a simple solution of dish detergent and water or baking soda and vinegar.

Make sure you rinse off whatever product you do use. You may also want to seal your cover with a protectant or other solution following a rigorous cleaning.

8. Know How to Clean Your Filters

Filter for hot tubThere are many benefits to using a personal spa.

However, your spa water filters can be a leading cause of contaminated water, particularly if they start growing algae.

It’s important to clean your filters at least once a month. The good news is that this process is relatively easy.

All you have to do is remove your filter cartridges and rinse these with a hose or faucet. Depending upon the pH of your spa water, you may need to take an additional step and soak your filters in a special solution before reinstalling.

9. Change Your Water

A lot of hot tub owners overlook this crucial aspect of regular tub cleaning. You will have to replace your current tub water three to four times a year to ensure proper cleaning.

To change your water, you’ll need to find an outdoor area to pour the existing water into. Make sure your tub is entirely turned off before you pull out the drain.

When your tub is empty, use this opportunity to scrub the interior and ensure all surfaces are free of mold or slime and rinse with a hose.

You can easily refill your tub via an outdoor hose, as long as you do so through cleaned filters.

10. Consult a Service Manager

Hot Tub RepairmanIf you simply do not have the time or the ability to clean your tub regularly, we advise seeking professional assistance.

Ideally, contact a service manager from the company you purchased your tub from in the first place. They will be able to direct you in your cleaning efforts and ensure that your hot tubbing experiences are safe, clean, and always fun.

Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

It’s absolutely critical to maintain a clean tub to maximize your tubbing fun factor and health.

Thankfully, caring for your hot tub can be easy and hassle-free. Make sure you know what cleaning products to use for your spa water, and educate yourself on signs of infected water.

Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it. During the cleaning process, be sure to clean all exposed surfaces and to do a thorough job.

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