How To Understand Whether You Need To Replace Your Spa Ozone Generator

How To Understand Whether You Need To Replace Your Spa Ozone GeneratorEven if you are an experienced spa owner, you may sometimes find it difficult to keep your spa in a clean and well-maintained state. There may be times when you may find your spa water to be cloudy and struggle to restore the spa water chemistry. Most spas come equipped with an ozone generator which is designed to keep your spa clean and sanitized. The ozone generator works with cleaning agents, such as chlorine and bromine, to keep your spa clean, but it has a lifespan, after which you will need to get it replaced.

Your ozone generator influences the quality of your spa water in a positive way. It is quite amazing to note that ozone kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria and viruses. Ozone demonstrates powerful water purification properties compared to chlorine and it is hard to believe that it is 200 times more effective than chlorine. Ozone is strong enough to disintegrate oil, human contaminants, and cosmetics and most importantly, it is a natural cleaning agent that reduces the need for chemical cleaners by 90 percent. Ozone does not generate any ‘chemical’ odor that you may normally come across with in pools and spas. Unlike chemical cleaners, Ozone does not cause nasal or skin irritation and you will need to spend minimal time in cleaning an ozonated spa.

You may find it quite difficult to determine if your ozone generator needs to be replaced. You may want to look for specific signs, such as “On” light or bubbles, but these are signs indicating that your ozonator is on and they do not necessarily indicate that it is generating ozone. You may be surprised to learn that your ozonator may still continue to run for days even if it stops generating ozone and this is the reason why you should look for other signs. When an ozone generator reaches the stage of expiry, it does not produce enough ozone that is required to keep your water clean. Check if the water appears crystal clear. When your ozonator produces enough ozone, your spa water will look fresh. You may consider replacing your spa ozonator if you realize that you have been using too much chemicals to maintain the quality of your spa water. If you find yourself struggling hard while balancing your spa water chemistry, then probably it is time for you to invest in a new ozonator.

Lastly, the average lifespan of your ozone generator is 3 years and if you have not replaced your ozonator in the past 3 years, you will need to consider getting it replaced immediately.


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