Natural Ways To Undertake Hot Tub Maintenance

Natural Ways To Undertake Hot Tub MaintenanceWhether you are looking to de-stress after a tough day or you want to connect with your partner in an environment that soothes your senses, a hot tub session can really prove to be enchanting. A fulfilling hot tub experience gives you the feel of being close to nature and a “natural” spa maintenance approach will further help you to embrace nature in more meaningful ways while making your spa sessions even more rewarding. Cleaning your hot tub with natural ingredients is much more than using mineral purifiers or enzymes. It is all about how you can adopt an attention-to-detail approach to use the right natural ingredients in the right way.

Make sure that you replace your spa filter every year. When you use natural ingredients to clean your spa, your hot tub filter has to perform a tougher job to drain out more matter compared to the filters in the spas that are cleaned with bromine or peroxide sanitizers. If you are located in a region where the water is hard or has high calcium levels, you may want to clean your cartridge in a 50/50 vinegar solution to prevent the formation of crystalline deposits around the jets and filters. Put baking soda on a wet scrubber sponge to rub dirty places. Additionally, you may even use a lemon as a tub scrubber. Use a non-chlorine shock such as MPS shock once in every week to maintain water clarity. Besides adding a small amount of spa enzymes to your hot tub on a weekly basis, you may also need to replace the purifiers at least twice every year.

With pH imbalance being a major contributing factor to the development of microorganisms, you may want to take additional care to maintain the pH balance of the water. You may maintain a 7.2-7.4 pH range, though you may have your own preferences. Tap water is water in its contaminated form with cloramines, metals, and minerals being present in it. So your tap is not the perfect source of water for your “natural” spa. You may use a spa pre-filter to get water in fresh form so that you do not make an “impure” start to what you actually expect to be a “natural” healing session. Make sure you undertake a drain-refill job every 90-100 days and run the pump almost every day to loosen the deposits that may create a coating on your hot tub.

Maintaining your spa using natural ingredients is not easier than maintaining it in the conventional way using chlorine or bromine-based substances. It demands greater effort and commitment. However, when you are actually able to undertake it, you are not only able to get a more refreshing spa session, but you can also take pride on being a nature-lover in your nature, thought, and action.


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