Best Hot Tubs Of 2023 – Compare Reviews, Features, & Prices

Below is a snapshot comparison of the nation’s best hot tub manufacturers and top-rated hot tub models for home and commercial use. We considered over 20 suppliers and more than 125 hot tubs and spas. For detailed information and pricing on the best hot for you please tell us briefly about your hot needs and get immediate feedback from suppliers in your area. Be sure to read below to learn about what features to look for in spas, and what the different types of hot tubs are.

Best Hot Tubs By Model

Bullfrog SpasCaldera SpasCalSpasDimension One SpasGarden SpasHotSpringJacuzziMaster Spas
A Series
Celdera Spa
Dimension One
Lotus Bay
Garden Spas
Master Spas
Twilight Series
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Best Hot Tubs By Brand

jacuzziHotSpring Spas LogoSundance-spas_Thermospas-hot tub logoCal Spas LogoCaldera Spas LogoDimension One logoGardenSpas Logo
JacuzziHotSpringSundanceThermoSpasCalSpasCaldera SpasDimension OneGarden Spas
Compare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub PricesCompare Hot Tub Prices

What Features Are Most Important in Hot Tubs?

Cost of Hot Tubs

Hot tub costs range from less expensive relocatable and portable spas to 6 to 10-person acrylic tubs. In addition, items such as hot tub surroundings, stairs, decking, and complimentary landscaping or lighting can contribute to cost. Price is largely dependent on brand, size, and add-ons or options, so shopping to compare prices is a wise idea.

  • Low: Portable spas fall into this category. Portable hot tubs can be collapsed and easily moved, and don’t require the extras of a more permanent spa.
  • Medium: Smaller two to four-person hot tubs will run in the medium range of cost. For example, unicast spas are much less expensive than an acrylic hot tub solution.
  • High: The larger 6 to 12-person tubs and more specialized models, i.e. swim spas, will be the most costly. The more hot tub jets and added features the higher the price tag will be.

Review: Water Filtration Options For Hot Tubs

There are numerous kinds of water filtration systems available to keep a hot tub clean. The choice depends on a combination of cost, maintenance requirements, and water-feel preference.

  • Salt system: Salt systems use chemistry to produce the needed chlorine to kill germs. Many prefer this method to add chlorine or bromine tablets to the water and suggest that the water feels softer on the skin with a salt system for the hot tub.
  • Ozone system: Ozone works in conjunction with chlorine and bromine to kill off most germs and bacteria. Ozone breaks down residues of soap, shampoo and other matters that make their way into the spa.
  • UV-C system: This method is one that uses a very high-intensity UV germicidal light ray to kill off hot tub germs.

Compare Seating Options For Hot Tubs

Seating is one of the most important items to consider when buying a hot tub. Depending on how the tub will be used, for example, for relaxation, therapy, or fun, different kinds of seating options will make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Lounge: Lounge seating allows for lying nearly vertical in the water, creating an almost weightless feeling. Lounge seats are for those who are seeking a relaxing experience.
  • Therapy: These seats deliver added massage points, usually at the neck, back and shoulders. Jets are typically strong for a deep-tissue massage.
  • Cool-down: Cool-down hot tub seats let the body remain partially out of the water. These are great for transitions in and out of the spa and typically provide leg, ankle, and foot massage jets.

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Review: Jet Options For Hot Tubs

When it comes to jets, more is not necessarily better. Many professionals suggest having a variety of hot tub jets, with the ability to control the intensity of each.

Rotary jets: a/k/a  therapy jets are used for therapeutic massage and are the most versatile jets.

Relaxation jets: Deliver a larger and more gentle flow and create a relaxing bubbling motion.

Pressure point jets: Pressure point jets deliver a tight, intense water flow that is usually used to stimulate pressure points on the body.

Ambiance options

Today’s hot tubs come with some options for creating a nice ambiance for bathers, creating an immersive and relaxing experience.

  • Sound system: Hot tubs can be equipped with a music and sound system. The speakers are built into the top lip near headrests, and can often be controlled wirelessly by Bluetooth.
  • Decorative lighting: Lighting can be placed in the hot tub for a more exciting and energetic experience.
  • Hot tub color: From blues, whites, reds, and beyond, the hot tub color can complement the area’s surroundings.

The Best Hot Tub Accessories

There are many accessories available for hot tubs and spas to improve the user experience.

  • Remote monitoring: Some home systems are now taking advantage of remote access. Hot tubs are no exception, and users can now easily turn the hot tub up to the desired temperature to be ready on demand.
  • Coveralls: Hot tubs almost always come with a cover, but for spas that are left unattended for extended periods of time a coverall can greatly add to the life of the hot tub.
  • Spa pillows: No more wet lumpy towel rests to serve as pillows. A spa pillow will cradle and comfort the head and neck and can be built into the hot tub itself.


What Are The Different Kinds of Hot Tubs?

Vinyl liner hot tub: a/k/a soft tubs and portable hot tubs, these are inflatable products that are simple to move. They are typically less costly than other types yet still provide similar features.

Unicast hot tub: A unicast solution consists of the tub and the surrounding cabinet which are molded as one single piece.

Acrylic hot tub: By far the most requested kind of hot tub as they are extremely durable for outdoor use and come in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes, and features.

Swim spa hot tub: A swim spa hot tub is made for exercising with a rectangular shape with powerful jets that create a constant current to swim against.


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