Small 2 Person Hot Tub

Hot Tubs On a Smaller Scale For Space & Affordability 

Sometimes, when we think about hot tubs, we think about sprawling back yards and palatial estates. This might be a great vision, but it certainly isn’t the limit of what the industry offers. There are hot tubs to fit any budget, and any size of property. True, the size of your yard might affect what type of hot tub you might choose to purchase. But just because you’ve got limited space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on one of life’s great pleasures. Keep these tips in mind when considering a hot tub for a smaller space.

Think Small Hot Tub Solutions

Two-person hot tubs are perfect for people living in central urban neighbourhoods who might have a lot less space available to them than someone living in the suburbs. These tubs can still offer the exact same comfort levels and benefits of a larger tub, but are made to fit the city dweller’s lifestyle.

Privacy With Your Spa In The Middle of the City

Sometimes, being out in the yard in a city can feel like you’re on display, especially if you have the neighbors crowded in around your property. You can create a private little paradise though, by installing a privacy screen around your hot tub.

You can put up an actual screen or lattice around your hot tub to create some privacy. Hanging sheer fabric is a great way to create a temporary solution that can be taken down whenever you want to open the yard back up again. Some tall plants or shrubs can create a living privacy screen that will give you the hideaway you want, while also adding some lush growth to your yard.

Flowers, Plants, Shrubs and More To Beautify Your Hot Tubs Experience

Speaking of plants, using a variety of plants to spruce up your yard is a great way to transform it into more than just a spot to put the hot tub. By spending a little bit of money and some time landscaping, adding flower beds or pots, or growing some crawling vines on your fence or other structures, you can transform a plain backyard into a spa-like atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying your new hot tub.

A Variation on a Theme

Plants have a lot of uses when it comes to creating a great spot for a hot tub in a small space. Our third suggestion for using greenery in a great way is to try using trees or shrubs to soften up the edges along the borders of your property.  A shorter fence can also make your yard seem bigger than it is by allowing you a better view of the surrounding landscape.

Make the Best Use of What You Have With A 2-Person Hot Tub

A two-person hot tub doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you have a small deck or patio, as long as the foundation can support the weight of the unit, you might have the perfect pre-existing spot to install a unit. On the other hand if you have a small but not landscaped yard, you have the perfect opportunity to create a space that utilizes your new hot tub as the focal point, making your back yard truly stand out from the rest.


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  1. Thanks for these hot tubs solutions. I’ve always wanted one, but I can only afford a two person hot tub. You made a good point about how it could be a solution for people who live in small spaces. My property isn’t very large, so I don’t have very much room for one that’s bigger. Since two-person hot tubs can offer the same comfort levels and benefits of larger ones, then having one seems like it would be a good idea.

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