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Best Rated Hot Tub Brands – Over 200 Hot Tubs Reviewed

Below is just a small sampling of hundreds of the best-rated hot tub brands we reviewed that are available for fast delivery. Browse through our list, compare hot tub features, and get a better idea of what you want, then complete a short questionnaire describing your unique preferences, and local hot tub suppliers in your area will contact you with pricing and options that are sure to excite you. Experts will answer questions about jets, sauna features, seating, and finance options. From add-ons like salt water sanitizing, entertainment, and remote monitoring systems we have any solution at your fingertips.

Lifesmart Hot Tub Seats 4 Peoplerequest hot tub quoteLifesmart 4-Person Rectangular Hot Tub with Matching Step
6 Person Hot Tubrequest hot tub quote6 Person Hot Tub Plug & Play Heated Water Jets With Pool Cover
DELUXE 6 Person Hot Tub with 30 Jetsrequest hot tub quote30 Jets Built In with Lounger & Cover by DELUXE. Seats 6
Hot Tub With Waterfallrequest hot tub quoteHot Tub By Spa Mfgs W/ Waterfall and Multicolor Lights. Seats 8
Madrid 60 6 Person Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteMadrid -60 Premium 10 HP Pump system and lifetime warranty
DuraSport 4 Person Hot Tubsrequest hot tub quoteJacuzzi Lights 4 Person 12 Jets and insulated plumbing package.
Emerald Es15 6 Person Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteEmerald ES15 Spa seats 5-6 with Cabinets, and reclining seats.
HeatWave Grand Oasis Saunarequest hot tub quoteHeatWave Portable Hot Tub. High efficiency Pure Flow
Cedar Wooden Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteCedar Wooden Hot Tub Seat 8 – Propane or Natural Gas
Hot Tub with Jetted Seatsrequest hot tub quote7 Person Hot Tub, Dual Pumps, Hydro Therm Smart heater
Home and Garden Spas 0 80 Jetsrequest hot tub quoteHome and Garden Spas with 80 Jets, 6 seats, 6HP pump
3 Person Hot Tub 2 Year Warrantyrequest hot tub quote3 Person Hot Tub With 22 Jets, and Smart Heating System
Signature Spa 1300 Gallon 39 Jetsrequest hot tub quoteSignature Spa, 1300 Gallon, 3 Seats, 39 Jets and pure perfection
Candian Spa Company 72 Jetsrequest hot tub quoteCanadian Spas, 12 Seats, 72 Jets, Comes in Silver or Grey
Aruba Spa Hot Tubsrequest hot tub quoteAruba Swim Spa Hot Tubs, 19’ long rounded corners, turbo jets
Hot Tubs By Trinidad Swim Sparequest hot tub quoteTrinidad Swim Spa turbo jets, 6HP, produces 237 Gallons per minute
4 Person Spa Hot Tub with Warrantyrequest hot tub quote4 Person Hot Tubs, 23 SS Jets, Smart Heaters, 4 Jetted Seats
Paradise Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteParadise Hot Tub Spa, 17” pop up TV with DVD and Radio
Belize e 750L Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteBelieze e750L Spa, seats 6, 480 gallon, 2 pumps, 93 jets
Montego Bay TV Hot Tub Sparequest hot tub quoteMontego Bay TV Hot Tub Spa with TV and Surround sound
Hawaii TV Hot Tub Spsrequest hot tub quoteHawaii TV Hot Tub Spa with television, DVD/FM/AM media
Oahu Hot Tubrequest hot tub quoteOahu Hot Tubs, full media, cabinets, steel jets and more
Antigua Hot Tub Sparequest hot tub quoteAntigua TV Spa. Water speaker, LED mood lighting
Heated Spa, 104 Jetsrequest hot tub quote7 Person Spa, 104 Jets, MPS Auxiliary Output, Ozone System

Which Hot Tub Brands are the Best?

Hot TubAdding a hot tub to your home brings a new level of luxury. If you’re not sure where to start check out the best hot tub brands that make high-quality products.

If you’re looking to relax, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than a hot tub. In the United States in 2016, almost twenty million homes had a hot tub, pool, or spa.

Soaking in hot tubs has many benefits, including better sleep, helping your muscles, and stress relief.

With so many options, you’re probably wondering which hot tub brands are the best.

With the amount of time and money that you’ll be spending on your new purchase, you’ll want to focus your search on top-quality products that you can enjoy for years.

Keep in mind that there are different reasons that you might favor one hot tub over another. When looking at the best hot tub brands, remember that what might be perfect for one person might not be your best option.

Let’s take a look at the best brands and what makes them stand apart from the rest.

Cal Spas

Cal Spas has been in the home resort business for over 35 years, allowing it to amass a product for just about any need.

With over 250 spa products, it’s almost a guarantee that they will have what you need in the price range you are looking for.

Constructed out of fiber steel with a reinforced framework, you will get a spa that is both durable and easy to maintain. This construction prevents rust and other elemental types of damage.

Depending on the model that you get, it could include a pro-trainer, which is designed to give you a workout as you adjust jet speeds to simulate swimming, or an air therapy setting to help relax achy muscles.


There are many reasons HotSpring is one of the best hot tub brands. One is their patented jets, which are designed to focus on various muscle groups with customization options for pressure.

They also have decades of providing great customer service, giving you peace of mind knowing that good help is just a phone call away.

HotSpring also makes energy-efficient hot tubs.  Part of their jet technology ensures you only get the power you need. This can lead to a lower electric bill along with a healthier environment.

Master Spas

Master Spas has unparalleled water quality thanks to its Mast3rPur water management system. It uses three different sanitizers in order to ensure that your hot tub’s water is clear and fresh at all times.

They are also known for being quiet by design. A hot tub is meant to be relaxing. It’s hard to relax when the motor is not only drowning out your own thoughts but keeping the neighbors up as well.

Master Spas has a 70-acre manufacturing plant in Indiana, so if the origin of your new hot tub matters to you, all Master Spa hot tubs are made in the United States.

Giving money to charity is also a major selling point for them. Your purchase won’t just put money in the company’s pocket but will be spent on one of the many charities that they support.


Thermospas is one of the best hot tub brands because of the customer’s ability to customize their experience. From the number of jets to the color of the spa, you can truly make it your own.

Another great feature is the free site inspection that you get when you buy it. Any questions you might have about where to put your new hot tub can be answered by a trained professional.

If you’re worried about longevity, Thermospa has your answer. Their 20-year warranty is one of the best in the industry and will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your hot tub.

Sundance Spa

With Fluidix patented jet technology, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed no matter what preference you have for a massaging experience.

The secret behind this technology is the air and water mixture, ensuring that each jet produces a massaging sensation that will take away the tension of the day.

The ability to determine what works best for you lands Sundance on the list of best hot tub brands. Their work with Wish For Our Heroes means that your purchase will also help those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

Caldera Spas

There are a lot of important factors when picking out the perfect hot tub for you and your family, but one feature that is often overlooked is designing.

Visually appealing design can help enhance a relaxed mood. Caldera Spsa design makes it one of the best hot tub brands out there. The ability to add entertainment systems for ambient noise really sets them apart.

Their design also helps to ensure that your hot tub will last for years to come while still giving you the comfort and relaxation that you expect.

If you are looking for something that both looks and feels great, Caldera is always a safe bet.

Dimension One

When it comes to the best hot tub brands, it’s all in the water. Dimension One, with their Ultra Pure Plus technology, excels in ensuring that the water quality in your hot tub will be perfect.

They use Ultra Violet light in order to keep the water fresh, while the jets and pumps work together so that you don’t have to sacrifice the performance of one for the other.

These factors add up to an incredible experience that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, while still getting into a stylish and durable hot tub.

Need Help Determining Which of the Best Hot Tub Brands is For You?

Even though there are dozens of companies out there, it takes more than some jets in a tub to create a relaxing experience. Any of the products that are on the list of best hot tub brands will make your life better.

Having this list won’t make your decision easier. There are dozens of varieties to choose from with these brands. Luckily, there are ways to find the perfect solution for you.

If you go to the review page, you can compare various brands by price and features to help narrow down your search.

You can also check out the blog for tips on hot tub maintenance as well as what to look for when selecting a hot tub.

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