Types of Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Review By Size and Type

From small 2-3 person spas to the more spacious 6+ person hot tubs you’ll find great pricing and details with our latest review of the best hot tubs according to type and size.

Types of Hot Tubs According to Priority

When your reasons for owning a hot tub are already concrete and clear, it’s a lot easier to rate and choose the types and sizes that match your priority. If you prioritize healing over partying, you might want to browse our list of the types of hot tubs that are equipped with therapeutic features. If you have a fuller and more active lifestyle, you will be fond of exercise spas. If you are a people-person, it is wise to check the number of seats a specific type of hot tub can accommodate. Compare these hot tubs and get the best deal from a local supplier.

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Small 1-2 Person Hot Tubsrequest hot tub quote

1-2 Person Hot Tubs

Compact and perfect for shopping on a small budget

2-4 Person Hot Tubsrequest hot tub quote

2-4 Person Hot Tubs

Most popular size for home -residential hot spas

Hot Tubs 3-5 Peoplerequest hot tub quote

3-5 Person Hot Tubs

With you just have to have more space, this is it

6-8 Person Hots Tubsrequest hot tub quote

6+ Person Hot Tubs

Will work for two, but always ready for company

Hot Tub Reviews According to Mobility

Hot tubs have three basic types based on their flexibility to be moved from one place to another: portable hot tubs, soft hot tubs and permanent hot tubs.

Portable hot tub review

Many people prefer to use this type of hot tub for several reasons. First of all, you can easily move portable hot tubs from one spot to another but still retain most of the features of a permanent hot tub. Second, you have a variety of options in terms of sizes, shapes and colors. Third, it is economical and you can still get the quality you would want in a permanent tub. Lastly, it can fit into small spaces and you can plug it into your home outlets.

Sizes: Most of portable hot tubs are smaller in size than permanent tubs. Usually, they are created for two persons, but the bigger models may seat up to six people.

Soft hot tub review

Hot tubs that belong to this type are lightweight and have the features of both permanent and portable hot tubs. Soft hot tubs can be set-up in a few minutes and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Most of the time soft tubs are considered as above-ground tubs since you can just mount them on a level surface without any cement foundation.

This type also includes inflatable hot tubs. These tubs are very easy to transport even in narrow doors and staircases. You can install them in four quick steps: unpack, inflate, fill, and heat.

Sizes: The most popular model of soft hot tub is complete with therapy seat and can accommodate up to six adults. Two to four person hot tubs are also available in this type.

Permanent hot tub review

Permanent hot tubs are built to last. They are described as the most durable type. You are guaranteed that you can enjoy your spa all year-round with the exact appearance, size and shape that you like since this type is customizable.

But efficiency and durability come with immovability. Once installed, be ready to stick with it or spend double the price of installation if you decided to get rid of it. So before you commit on this type of hot tub, be sure that you already explored your options and you are well informed about the requirements and the costs of having a permanent spa.

Sizes: Permanent hot tubs can be custom-made so they can be 2-4 person hot tubs, 5-6 person spas, 7-8 person or as many available seats as you prefer.

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